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HS PROTECT is an air-drying peelable coating designed to protect materials from damage during construction, transportation and storage. It can easily be applied with an airless spray gun, paintbrush or paint roller.

The temporary peelable coating not only protects the glass, but also the frames of your windows. Unlike conventional plastic films, which are still being used all over the world, our protective film does not peel by itself even in high winds and is damage-resistant irrespective of the weather conditions.

On completion, the coating can be removed in one single motion.

HS PROTECT will save you a lot of repairs, cleaning and worries.

Fast and hardworking construction workers are not always careful or meticulous in their actions. Upon completion, materials are often left damaged and/or stained. As a result, extra money and valuable time have to be spent on replacements and additional cleanups.

HS PROTECT offers THE solution!

The liquid coating can be applied during fabrication or on the construction site itself. No more time will be wasted on out-dated and ECO unfriendly packaging techniques.

HS PROTECTis a problem solver that saves you time and money!

HS PROTECT can be peeled off with one single movement, simultaneously removing all underlying gravel and dirt.

Last but not least, it is important to note that HS Protect is an ECO-friendly product, nonflammable and can be disposed of as regular construction waste.