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Floors & walls

HS PROTECT is an air-drying peelable coating designed to protect flooring from damage during construction, transportation, and storage.

The temporary coating offers your floor tiles protection during the consecutive work of cabinetmakers, plumbers, electricians, painters, etc. The film protects tiles from acquiring scratches and stains during construction.

There will be no more need for corrosive chemical products to remove cement stains or paint splashes. Simply remove the film before completion and your flooring will be of showroom quality.
HS PROTECT provides long-term protection of exclusive and expensive natural tiles, without affecting the shine or color of these delicate materials.

HS PROTECT can also be used to refresh old and dirty stone walls. This will avoid the pre-cleaning costs and is much less time consuming than the traditional paint. Above that, HS Protect is chemical-free and does not overwhelm you for days with that nasty paint smell.