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HS PROTECT is an air-drying peelable coating used to protect wooden surfaces from damage during construction, transportation and storage. It can easily be applied with an airless spray gun, paintbrush or paint roller.

The protective film can be applied to all types of varnished or painted wood. This wooden carpentry can range from wooden joinery, wooden stairs, wooden doors, wooden kitchen and bathroom cabinets to exclusive furniture incorporating glass.

The milky color of our product facilitates the application process as it allows the treated surface to remain visible during application. The color of the film will fade as it dries out.

HS PROTECT protects all your delicate cabinetwork. It can not only be applied in showrooms, where damaging is reduced to a minimum but can also be used during transportation or the assembly of furniture on site. Above all, it offers the ultimate protection against all kind of damages caused by careless construction workers.

Are you planning on installing high gloss wood, laminated panels or perhaps wooden
structures incorporating stainless steel?
HS PROTECT will be your ideal ally. It is suited for both interior and exterior use.

Last but not least, it is important to note that HS Protect is nonflammable and can be disposed of as regular construction waste.